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Books I Read in 2005

January, 2005
JavaScript for the World Wide Web, 2nd edition Tom Negrino and Dori Smith
Good place to start learning what JavaScript can do.
The Plot Against America Philip Roth
Imaginative rewrite of American history circa WWII pointing us in the direction of a homefront Jewish pogrom, told from the viewpoint of school aged Philip and his New Jersey family.

March, 2005
Walk on Water, The Miracle of Saving Children's Lives Michael Ruhlman
An study of pediatric congenital heart surgery, especially as practiced by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation group led by Dr. Roger Mee.

April, 2005
The Hour of the Star Clarice Lispector
Translated (and with an enlightening afterword) by Giovanni Pontiero. Very interesting. Lispector tells a moving story and much about the creative process that shapes it.

May, 2005
Great Jones Street Don DeLillo
Rock-n-roll burn-out, drop-out, paranoid 60's psych-out via tuned-in master DeLillo.
Conversational Tagalog, A Functional-Situational Approach Teresita V. Ramos
Excellent way to begin learning Tagalog. Magaling na magaling ito.
The Confessions of Max Tivoli Andrew Sean Greer
Tragic and moving tale of Max who lived life backwards - from old age to youth.
Their Eyes Were Watching God Zora Neale Hurston
20th century (1937) southern American (Florida) classic.
The Barracks Thief Tobias Wolff
Fine story. Very fine story-telling.
The Best American Short Stories 2004 eds. Lorrie Moore, Katrina Kenison
A wonderful collection of very fine gems.

June, 2005
Slander, Liberal Lies About the American Right Ann Coulter
Witty, sharp, well-referenced.
The Counterlife Philip Roth
Masterfully imaginative variations of stories within variations of stories.
The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume I, 1931-1934 Anais Nin
Interesting how and what Ms. Nin writes about herself and her associates; and interesting what she leaves out.
Lucky Girls Nell Freudenberger
Five good stories from bright new (2003) talent. Especially liked the well-constructed last long story.

July, 2005
War Trash Ha Jin
Very fine, moving, well-referenced look into the heart and soul of especially one Chinese prisoner of South Korea (and the U.S.) during the Korean War in the 1950's.
Living to Tell the Tale Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Fun read. Translated (Spanish) by Edith Grossman. Nobel prize winning storyteller tells the tale of his family, his Columbia, the beginnings of his writing adventure.
In the Heart of the Country J. M. Coetzee
Outstanding piece of work. Takes the reader inside the mind and soul of sociopathic, murderous Miss Magda as she increasingly isolates herself and becomes a tragic hermit alone on her dying farm.
Waiting for the Barbarians J. M. Coetzee
irresistible page-turner with resounding ring of truth.

August, 2005
Digital Fortress Dan Brown
Quick fun read.
My Name is Red Orhan Pamuk
Wonderful, deliciously rich offering: love story, double murder mystery, philosophy and theology of art and painting, in 16th-century Islamic Turkey. Translated (Turkish) by Erdag M. Guknar.
How to Breathe Under Water Julie Orringer
Nine very fine, sensitive stories of growing up.

September, 2005
Snow Orhan Pamuk
An important, timely (2004), serious and farcical, classic and modern, elegant masterpiece. Pamuk shows how the inspiration and creativity of art and media can expose the human fraility at the intersection of religion and politics in political Islam. Translated (Turkish) by Maureen Freely.
Disgrace J. M. Coetzee
Another irresistible page turner.
Life & Times of Michael K J. M. Coetzee
Masterful telling of an important story that no one else would tell or could tell so well.
The Inner Circle T. C. Boyle
Master Boyle plus Professor A. Kinsey of the infamous Kinsey Reports = sex in large doses. Can love survive?

October, 2005
The White Castle Orhan Pamuk
Fascinating brain teaser.

November, 2005
Mastering GPS Flying Phil Dixon and Sherwood Harris
Useful for learning and teaching.

December, 2005
How People Recover from Eating Disorders Linda Riebel and Jane Rachel Kaplan
Excellent resource based on thorough research and years of experience.

Greg Gordon MD, CFII