Jordan Gordon

Joshua Gordon

Joshua Gordon

Joshua Gregory Loy Gordon
26 June 2009

Baby Boy

    Congratulations! I am so glad everyone is doing well. God bless! Jessica, Brian, Rachel, and Jeremy

    Congratulations, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Loy!! I am so happy for you both Jeff Dr. Jeffrey A Brown Chief Resident, Dept. of Anesthesiology Case Western Reserve Metrohealth Cleveland, OH

    A HUGE HUG to you both!!! GREAT JOB!! Amy Woodard

    Hi Joy and Greg, What a beautiful baby you have! Joy, you look so good for just having delivered a baby. You are an incredible woman. I love the pictures with Jordan and (your Mom?) Thanks for sharing your pictures. You guys are such wonderful people. I wish you all the best with your beautiful family. Love, Rebecca

    Congratulations!! -- Saebom Lee

    Joy and Greg, I was working non-stop (actually, it's almost 4 am and we still have 2 rooms running), so I didn't make it upstairs to congratulate you in person. I wish you all the very best. See you soon. Maxim

    Congrats! Very sweet. Kathleen Murphy

    What adorable pictures! I was surprised to see Maxim here with me on call last night and he said you guys had Joshua - I was so surprised...did Joy go into labor prior to the scheduled c-section date? Hope all is well with you all. I am sure Joshua will fit right in! Marisa Marisa M. Wynne, D.O. Department of Anesthesiology Metrohealth Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio

    Wow. Congratulations to you both. What a journey you are on, with two in tow now!! Life will never be dull. He looks great and ready to rock ' roll! Steve Aron

    congratulations!! He is a good sized boy.....:) Good luck! Sarah Russell

    Congratulations Dr.Gordon, Dr.Loy for arrial of Joshua, and to Jordon for the arrival of his brother. Adi Reddy

    CONGRATULATIONS Greg!! He's just beautiful. What a wonderful family you have, Greg. You are blessed. Please give Joy my best ok. Take special care of her during this time too. She's given you some special gifts. God bless you all! Love, Ann Eckhardt

    Hi. Congratulations to you and Joy on your new son. Arnie Morscher

    Awesome! He's beautiful. Congratulations Greg, Joy and Jordy!! :-) Jon Gordon

    CONGRATS!!! Deb Cooper

    i love you, joshua (Heather Gordon)

    Very nice. Congratulations. Karl

    Congratulations!!! All the best wishes for a wonderful family! Cristian

    Beautiful pictures of your beautiful boy and family. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations Maureen

    Welcome to the world and to our family, JOSHUA!! you re a bundle of Joy. Congratulations to dad & mom!! lots of love to kuya jordan! we miss you!! love, tita christine


    Greg, Joy and Jordan, Congratulations on your new baby Joshua! He is so perfect. I can't believe I have another sweet little cousin. I hope I get to meet both Jordan and Joshua soon. Take care and enjoy getting to know him. We love you! Love, Amy Andy Cooper and Ivy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Congratulations to you two. Melinda and I think you are the greatest and wish you the very best! Augusto Torres

    Hello Greg and Joy, Congratulations on the birth of your son. I'm very happy for you. Michael

    Congratulations to the both of you!!!! The baby is adorable and so is your older son. Geny & Gurdip

    Dear Greg,Joy, Jordan, What a beautiful addition to the family. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Me thinks I see red hair and that spells trouble! I wonder if the red hair will stay? All the best and God Bless! Jen

    Congrats!!! What a beautiful baby!! Wife looks great as well! Steve & Marie

    CONGRATULATIONS for a very wonderful production!!!!! What incredible special moments caught in pictures! Am now in the library checking my e-m and enjoyed all the pictures , beautiful shots, including myself. Jordan looks a very big brother now to Joshua. I will make his own blanket in time for the cold weather. Of course the proud Lola looks very proud and joyous. Hugs and kiss the babies for me. Love, Tita Melia

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! i didn't even know you guys were expecting another!! now jordan has a playmate!! =) hope everyone's doing well. keep the pictures coming!! take care... Gynnie Pascual

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Congratulations!!! Virgil Loy

    Congratulations cousin, and photos the same day, you are an Internet fiend all the best, from God's hands into yours Jim

Greg Gordon MD, CFI