Jordan Gordon

Joshua Gordon

Weekend Bear's Weekend with Jordan Gordon's Family!
November 4-6, 2011

Weekend Bear had a wonderful weekend with Jordan Gordon and his family.

It started on Friday afternoon with a ride home to Jordan's house for a big chocolate chip pancake for lunch.


Weekend Bear got to play with Jordan and his great little brother, Joshua, and meet lots of other animal friends.

After lunch we read books and rested for a while; but we didn't fall asleep.

Joshua gave Weekend Bear lots of hugs!

Weekend Bear and Jordan's singing dog, Bingo, became buddies, too.

Jordan read Weekend Bear a bedtime story called Donkey Donkey. It was about a donkey who finally learned to be happy with his ears just the way they were.

Saturday morning was so beautiful that we decided to fly out for brunch!

Weekend Bear really seemed to enjoy the view of northeast Ohio from two thousand feet up.

He even got to help fly the plane!

We had a delicious brunch at the Airport Restaurant at Carroll County Airport.

On Saturday night, Weekend Bear watched Jordan and Joshua take a super duper bubble bath!

On Sunday morning, Jordan showed Weekend Bear some fun iPad games. They learned many things about the states and countries of the world and a few things about Angry Birds, too.

The family took Weekend Bear with them to Mass at Saint Raphael Church.

It is fun to make new friends!

Greg Gordon MD, CFII