Jordan Gordon

Jordan Gordon

Jordan Gregory Loy Gordon
28 March 2008

Baby Boy

    Whoo-hoo! Thanks for sharing the great news, Greg! Love and congrats to you, Joy and little Jordy Gordie! -Jon Gordon

    HOORAY!!!! Send pictues! -Deb Cooper

    Great new dad. We will look forward to further details and be hoping that all are healthy and happy 150%. Love to Joy, Jordan and you, -Cam Gordon

    Greg, Congrats on the birth of Jordan!! Hope everything is going smoothly. Can't wait to meet him! Take care, -Kent Riggs

    Congratulations (from sunny Mesa, Arizona) Greg and Joy! Greg, who would have thought that one day we would both father Jordans? -Jim Gluesing

    CONGRATULATIONS to new MOM - Lilyn and to you Greg!!! A Warm welcome to Jordan Gregory Gordon ... Hugs & kisses to everyone... Keep me posted and I'll take care of passing any news to the rest of the family since I know you'll have your hand FULL ;-) Will call soon to talk to all of you - including "mommy" Lita... love, - Stella (Ging) Loy

    Yahoo!! Congratulations -Dave Ryan

    I am so happy for all of you. All our love -Jeff and Debbie Brown

    Congrats, Drs. Gordon and Loy! I am just glad I didn't have to place the epidural, especially at 3 AM. -Robert Lee

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can't wait to see photos!!!!! Tell Joy we're thinking of her! -Sue Taylor

    Great news. Congratulations. Can't wait to meet him! Love -Maureen Harders

    Greg & Joy: Congratulations! You must be proud. I sure would like to do the baptism. Let me know when you would like it. We celebrate the sacrament on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month. Give the parish secretary a call: she'll ask for some info and at that time we can schedule the baptism. Let me know what else I can do for you. You've got to feel ecstatic! -Father Dave

    wonderful! on standby for pictures... love love love h -Heather Gordon

    Congratulations Greg and Joy! oh my gosh, that is so exciting. I hope you have a great week. I'm sure you'll be very busy. Much love, Morgan p.s. got all A's and B's again this past quarter.. just a little update. -Morgan McGraw

    Hi Greg & Joy, Congratulations. I am so happy for you and Joy. I hope you are well and I hope to see you soon Please let me know if you need anything. The family and I are in Florida but I have been checking the messages figuring things would happen soon. Please pass along my family congratulations to Joy! Sincerely, -Don Voltz

    Greg and Joy, Melinda and I are so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!!! -Augusto and Melinda Torres

    Greg: OH awesome!!! I am soo happy for you!!! Right on his due date!!!! I hope everthing went smoothly and great!! Congratulations!!! Love you! -Brittany McGraw

    Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you all! -Cristian Prada

    COngratulations!!!!! Hope MOM and BABY are doing well~~~ Can't wait to see Jordan. Love, COlleen -Colleen Petz

    Congratulations..I hope everyone is feeling well! I am thinking about you guys:) -Sarah Russell

    My wife Kathy and I extend further congratulations on the birth of your son. We also congratulate you on your new names. Congratulations mommy and daddy! It's the best thing in the world! -Dan Rankin

    I couldn't be happier for you and Joy Greg!!!!!! I will wait a week or so to call. Joy will need her rest right now. congrats!!!!!!! -Norm Bolden

    WOW - a new GORDON Congratulations to all of you. And Welcome and Much Much Love to Jordan Gregory Loy Gordon, We now have 2 Jordans - One Costa and one Gordon. Love to you all. -Bonnie Gordon

    Wow!! Happy day and congratulations to you both!! -Steve Aron

    Super cute!!! Congrats, Gregory. Can't wait to meet the little guy!! XO -Jon Gordon

    I want to wish you both a congradulations on the birth of your child. That is good news. Hope all is well.. -Avi Schiowitz

    Joy Loy and Greg Gordon: Wow, such a big baby. I would never have guessed it would fit in there. Contratulations. -Arnie & Joanne Morscher

    wow, he's adorable! is there room for me sooner? i want to see him tomorrow... okay, doesn't have to be that soon. get some rest, all of you, love you -Heather Gordon

    Congratulations! Thanks God, Joy and the baby are doing well and looking great too! The Baby looks like greg. He's cute & adorable. I have a nick name for him na...JORG or JORGY! God Bless you! Regards to mommy. Mwah! -Christine Loy

    What a cutie!!! -Deb Cooper

    WOW!! Congratulations Greg and Joy. Another fine addition to the clan. Hope all are doing well. -Dan and Sheena Fulton

    from God's hands into yours blessings do not get much better LOVE -Jim and Suzanne Fulton

    WOW!! What a beautiful baby you have created with God's help. I dare you to ever forget what a blessing Jordan is in your life. Enjoy your time with him while you're home and don't come back to work until you can stand to be away from him. May God keep you all in His hands. Love, -Ruth Kroll

    Congratulations! I can't wait to meet him!!!! -Madeline Riggs

    This is funny! Joel is reading a book & one of the characters is named Jordan Gordon. We are so happy for you three! (Now you'll be on-call every night.) -Deb Cooper

    Hi Greg and Joy, Just opened my computer and saw the lovely picture of Mom and Babe---congratulations and lots of good wishes your way. Yes, Jordan did arrive on Tejbir's birthday and that is such a marvel !! We are so happy for you---enjoy these wonderful days together. God bless, Love, -Tejbir & Rani Sidhu

    congratulations!!! breastfeeding isn't easy, and is a learning process between the both of them. tell her not to worry, and just to keep at it. she can email me any time if she has questions. he's a big boy! her milk should come in soon. glad everyone is doing well. send pictures when you get a chance! -Julie Masters

    Very sweet! :) -Kathleen Murphy

    thanks for sharing the baby's pic. He's so cute! Now, we can see that he got some looks from joy too. So, he's a good mix of you and joy. Please extend our love & regards to joy, baby & mommy. always, -Christine Loy

    Oh my goodness, Greg! That is one beautiful baby!!! Thank you so much for sharing the picture. I had just recently heard you guys were expecting and next I heard from brittany yesterday that he was born! WOW!! Well, I am so very happy for both of you. How is your wife feeling? Everything go ok? Been thinking of you lots since we heard...alot is going to change for you but in a great way. Nothing better than holding a baby in the middle of the night when all's quiet...just peace...it's a good thing.. Be sure to try it. I think that's really when I fell in love with all my babies. Thanks again for sharing this awesome new part of your life with us! Take special care of your wife right now (I know you know this) this is a really big thing she's done. I'll sure be praying for you guys. Give baby Jordan a kiss from a "special far away friend". God bless you all, -Ann Eckhardt

    congratulations to both of you!! welcome, jordan! let us know how things are going and send us pictures when you can. we're both so excited and happy for you!! congrats again! love, -Jude & Gynnie Pascual

    hi greg congrats to you and Joy ! -Chuck Smith

    Oh my, Jordon is SO adorable!! I am so happy that my new cousin is here, happy healthy and so cute! Congratulations Greg and Joy. I can't wait to meet him in person. How fun will it be when he and Graham (my soon to be born nephew) get together! We are so happy for you guys, Love -Amy,Andy,Cooper and Ivy Czech

    Congratulations, I am so happy for you both, he is beautiful -Bev Haas

    Hi Mommy Lilyn, Greg, and Welcome Jordan! We hope you guys are back home now and getting some rest. I know you must be so happy to hold that precious little boy in your arms. Aren't babies wonderful? Lilyn, it looks like you had a C-section from the picture. I wish you a speedy recovery. What they say is true... your whole life changes. Hopefully, Evan can meet his cousin Jordan one day soon. love, -Grace, Edwin and Evan

    He is beautiful!!!! Congratulations! Please give my best to the new mom and baby Jordon. Have fun! -Amy P. Dickenson

    Greg, What a beautiful picture of Joy ("Mommy") and Jordan. Her beaming smile radiates the special joy and happiness that comes with motherhood. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm truly happy for you both. I'm sure you're on a new schedule as you care and bond with your precious baby. Know that I'm thinking of you. Love, -Jill Mason

    Hello Greg, I hear congratulations are in order so, Congratulations. Please tell Jordan his Canadian cousins welcome him to the world. I hope this finds you all happy and well, as Iím sure it will under the circumstances. -Clyde Gordon

Greg Gordon MD, CFI