Wedding Photo Gallery

Photo List:

Grandad & Parents, 1903
Grandad & Siblings
Nana's Birthplace, Bootle
Nana & Family, 1905
Nana & Family, 1911
Nana's Father, 1930
Colleen Carroll & sibs circa 1936
Jack Gordon, RCAF
Jack Gordon & Flight Crew, WW II
Wedding of Jack and Colleen
Wedding, Closer
Mom Bathes Baby Greg
Mom and Greg, Carriage
Mom, Nana, Greg, Great Nana
Colleen Gordon
Dad and Greg
Young Me on Horseback
Jack Gordon, Anesthesiologist
Happy Young Deb and Greg
Five sibs, Mom & her Parents
Greg, Deb, Rod, Cam, Jon
Greg, First Communion
Young Rod, Greg, and Cam
Five Sibs, Card Game
Six Sibs with Nana
Young Loy Girls & Friends
The House
Dad Reads the Christmas Story
High School Deb
High School Greg
Pat Johnson, High School
Greg,Deb,Dates HS Dance
Coopers, Gregs, Justin, Gaye
The Gordon Bros, New York
Greg and Mom, Duet
New Dr. Greg
Ann Frances & Joy
Joy Christmas
Young Lady Joy
Westside Market, 1975
Rod with the Wallets
Heather's Baptism
Greg and Baby Heather
Deb and Heather
Heather with her Dad
Julie, Heather and Greg
Julie, Greg and Heather
High School Rod and Friend
Greg and Dad, Joggers
Young Tennis Player Heather
Dad with Heather
Greg and Dad, Jack Gordon
Heather and Madeline
Heather with her Grandma
Mom, Julie and Heather
Greg with 09T
Julie and Amy
The Gordon Family at Cam's
Brittany and Heather
Greg and Dad
Mom, Greg, Nana, Thunder Bay
Brittany, Morgan and Heather
All Six Gordon Sibs
Morgan, Heather and Brittany
Rod, Greg, Drew, Beaver 1997
Greg and Mid-School Heather
Heather and Jill, Civil War Ball
Greg and Jim Gluesing
Heather Gordon
Greg and HS Grad Heather
Joy and Greg, Akron
Greg and Dad, Hands
Brittany McGraw
Our Villa in Florence
Hannah, Italy
Rod and Mary Jo, Italy
Rod and Hannah, Italy
Greg with Mom
Jack's and Colleen's Gravestone
Remembering Colleen Gordon
Ann Frances with Kitchie & En
Gordons Sibs, October '03
Bailey Gordon, Nov '03
Cooper Gordon Czech, Nov '03
Greg and Joy
Joy, Portland
Joan, January '04
Joy and Greg, January '04
Before, Joel Cooper
Feeding the Fire, Joel Cooper
Jack Gordon, Joel Cooper
The Letter, Joel and Deb
River Dreams, Joel and Deb
Batangas Newlyweds, May 2004
Batangas Newlyweds, closer
Carroll-Willcox Reunion 2004
Lilly Masters, Nov 10, 2004
Lilly Masters
Morgan, Bay High Senior, 2005
Hockey Star Bailey, 2005
Ivy Colleen Czech
Cooper and Ivy Colleen
Philippines, Spring 06
Second Anniversary
Our Backyard, Summer 06
Sunset June 2006
Cherry Festival 2006
Heather & John, Put-In-Bay, 06
Ivy Colleen, Aug 06
Asha & James Wedding
Good-bye Drew, Sep 06
Happy Birthday Jocelyn 2006
Thanksgiving 2006
Christmas 2006
Christmas Cards 2006
Maxima Masters, Jan 19, 2007
Gynnie & Jude Wedding
Carrolls, Grand Marais, 2007
Deb & Joel's 35th, 2007
Sebastian Hart, Oct 10, 2007
New Year '08, Philippines
Baby Shower, PACU, 2Feb08
Baby Shower, Anes, 29Feb08
Graham Riggs, 30Apr08
Jordan Gordon Pictures
Heidi & Omer Wedding, Aug 08
Christmas Cards 2008
Philippines, Spring 09
Heather, California, June 09
Mpls Cousins, Sep 2009
Robert Pascual, 2 May 2010
Grand Marais, 2010
Pumarada Twins, 31 Aug 2010
Xavier Aguilar, 9 Oct 2010
Jordan & Joshua, Spring 2011
Philippines, Spring 11
Jordan & Joshua, Summer 2011
Wisconsin, August 2011
Jordan & Joshua, Fall 2011
Minneapolis, December 2011
Jordan & Joshua, Winter 2011-12
Jordan & Joshua, Spring 2012
John Gregory, June 2, 2012
Jordan,Joshua,John Summer 2012
Jordan,Joshua,John Fall 2012
Jordan,Joshua,John Winter 2012-13
Jordan,Joshua,John Spring 2013
Philippines, Spring 13


Greg Gordon MD, CFI