Pediatric Anesthesiology
Preoperative Preparation of the Pediatric Patient - 1

Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to:

1. List and explain the goals of preoperative preparation.

2. Explain the use of honest communication and positive suggestion as first line technics to educate patients and families to reduce anxiety and facilitate recovery.

3. Explain how to obtain and use pertinent information to develop an overall integrated perioperative plan.

4. List and describe the appropriate use of premedication options.

5. Explain the importance of developing and using checklists to confirm readiness.

WHY preoperative preparation?

1. The number one error in pediatric anesthesia is inadequate preparation.

2. Absence of adequate pre-anesthetic assessment is one of top three causes of lawsuits against anesthesiologists.

3. Recovery occurs more quickly when the anesthesiologist allays patient concerns regarding what is to come and plans postoperative pain management with the patient.

4. Planning prevents problems!

Greg Gordon MD