Pediatric Anesthesiology
Induction Principles and Technics - 2

Preparation for Induction

Warm the induction area, most commonly the operating room, especially for young infants.
Beware of fallible memory; complete the pre-anesthesia checklist.

Choosing the Induction Technic(s)

Induction technic ought be planned as part of the anesthetic continuum.

In one sense, there are two main categories of pediatric anesthetic induction:
  1. Parent(s) present - usually best
  2. Without parents - role of premedication becomes more important

There are several general methods of induction:

Factors Influencing Choice of Technic

  • How old is the patient?
  • What is her/his underlying illness? General medical condition? ASA physical status?
  • What is the surgical procedure planned?
  • How cooperative is the patient?
  • Will a parent be present?
  • Does s/he have an IV?
  • What are the skills and preferences of the anesthesiologist?

Greg Gordon MD