Bill Died on Tuesday

and the news
so long expected
A slap of icey water
and a sinking.
I carried it around
inside me through
the day, and slept
with it at night.
Bill's death,
a cold dark stone,
stangely smooth
and heavy within me.

With Thursday came
his face, from out of
nowhere, the sudden
widening of his eyes
before he'd laugh,
Over and over,
unbeckoned, I saw him.
A vision, bitter-
sweet and fleeting.

Today it rained
steadily and hard,
the gray sky pouring
down unending streams.
I wondered where I'd find
him now, or if I could.
I saw upon a broken window-
ledge a small brown bird,
rounded in the rain,
still for one long moment
then, tilting his head
to the weeping sky,
he lifted and was gone.

There, then
suddenly gone.

-- Deb Cooper

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