About Deborah Gordon Cooper and Purchasing Her Books

Deborah Gordon Cooper lives in Minnesota along the shores of Lake Superior with her husband, Joel, a visual artist. They have three grown children, Amy, Dylan and Madeline and one grandchild, Cooper Gordon. In addition to working as a writer, she is also a hospice chaplain. She uses her poetry extensively in her hospice work, and when conducting workshops on poetry and spirituality. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies.
Her most recent book, Under the Influence of Lilacs, June 1, 2010, is available on amazon.com.
Her award-winning chapbook, Redirection of the Heart, was published in August 2001 by New Song Press. Her book, The Gods of Wild Things is available in limited edition from Poetry Harbor.

Praise for Redirection of the Heart
Deborah Gordon Cooper tackles a common, inevitable life stage - the death of a parent - and transforms it into a series of extraordinary experiences. The pain of the poems is fresh, on the surface, but tempered by a reflective eye. This collection smoothly glides from the pain of loss and grief to the affirmations of (natural and spiritual) eternal life.
- Kimberly Willardson, Editor, Vincent Brothers Review

To purchase a copy of Redirection of the Heart contact:
New Song Press
PO Box 629 WBB
Dayton, OH 45409-0629
Email: nsongpress@aol.com

Praise for The Gods of Wild Things:
The poems of Deborah Gordon Cooper redeem the world, time and again, with the loving attention she bestows on often unseen -- and unsung -- natural and human detail. Utilizing "every scrap of light" she can find, she has crafted a collection of lyric poetry so beautiful it glows.
- Jill Breckinridge, author of Civil Blood

To purchase a copy of The Gods of Wild Things contact:
Poetry Harbor
PO Box 103
Duluth, MN 55801

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