Two Snowfalls

A cumulus heaven has come to earth
bestowing a gift, a radiant rebirth,
a glitzy glittery revelation,
intoxicating restoration.
It snowed last night.

The snowflakes play in the streetlight's glow,
bobbing, bouncing,
careening, cavorting,
such slick navigation,
a proud presentation,
feathery, fairy, starry forms
myriad of miracles,
faith reborn.

They dare to kiss
in the streetlight's glow.
A snowflake can favor a kiss, you know.
Would you? I highly recommend you do.
For that snowy kiss of long ago
had a destiny to grow and grow
to a life-long love
from then 'til now.

From a long time ago kiss
in a long ago snow.

It snowed that night.
I regale the snow.

by Colleen Gordon

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