Her Name Is Mary

Little girl blue
is off to school,
to that world of others,
bereft of mothers.
The door is massive,
the hall so wide.
The stairs are many.
It's dark inside.
I wish I could see
a face I know.
I wish I didn't have to go.

I'm not sure how it came to be...
Did someone say "Come sit with me"?
but now they're leaving two-by-two;
a hand to hold.
She knows a face.
She's found a friend.
Her name is Mary.

Now the task to sort and sift,
with oh such caution, not to lose
the essence of the girl within,
the woman who was yet to be,
the new found friend,
life-long to be.
Her name is Mary.

So many memories tumbling in,
helter-skelter, thick and thin.
Which will surface?
Which will win?
Hop scotch; jump rope;
Shirley Temple.

Our dress-up drawers
of scarves and boas,
high heeled shoes.
Little Women.
Concert singing.
We're divine, divine divas!
Velia turned Delia
our favorite encore,
and always an audience
clapping for more.

Lazy dreams on a sunny back porch;
naming our babies, of course-of course.
Walks in the park pushing baby brothers;
bound to be spectacular mothers!
High school dances and
high school romances;
movie stars to cover a wall.

Talks by the hour,
feeling womanhood flower,
baring the dreams a girl's heart holds;
to lyricise, to fantasize,
to feel one is so wondrous-wise.

A symphony of memory
burns and bursts inside of me.
Life's dark valleys
are bound to come.
What better bulwark
to ease the pain
than the love of a friend
who will see you through,
who will hold your heart,
who will cherish you.
I have a friend.
Her name is Mary.

Mary knew she was dying.
There was times for good-byes,
for crying together,
for crying alone,
to rejoice in this glorious
friendship we'd known.

We planted a tree
in memory of Mary.
We know she lives on
in four dear little girls.
And Kayla happily hippety-hops
in her grandma's garden,
her favorite doll
held close to her heart,
her doll, Mary Meyer.

Had I one wish,
I wish you this,
that you will find a Mary.
Would I could find
her like again...

There is the gate of heaven.

by Colleen Gordon

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