I need a gift to keep me true,
to comfort me, to be the glue.
Memory is the gift I choose.

There is a crashing, dashing,
ever-splashing throbbing
in the heart of me.

The flip-side is a gentler song,
a lovely, lapping melody
that croons and soothes my soul along.

High on a mountain
a white cross gleams,
the guardian of my destiny.

The fresh, the pure Loch Lomond
nestles neatly there.
A giant sleeps.

Gulls scream in wild,
wide swooping.
I am caught up in their lilting-looping.

I am a gull.
I swirl. I soar. I swish.
I dive. I plummet. I fish.

What fun to be one,
to be so far flung,
not to be undone
with my song never sung.

The pines, the birches,
a vivid mixture.
My mind exults
in nature's pictures.

The swirl of the bagpipes,
the twirl of the kilts;
Victoria's Day on everyone's lips.

What wonderful words
to relish and savor...
Kaministiqua, Chippewa,
Kakabeka, Nannebijou.

A rock ledge, an underpass,
The haunting whistle of the train;
the quiet forests coup de grace.
This turf terrain, this memory's chain,
shall ever be the pulse of me.
These are my tools, my history.

by Colleen Gordon

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