I welcome this hour,
this place, this Mass.
I watch the day fade
through colored glass.
I dare to look inside of me,
to sweep away the day's debris.

No how or where.
What now? Why me?
Can I find the courage
to let it be?

A candle flickers.
Faces flower.
A soul suspended.
Time transcended.
A healing hush...
He cradles my brokenness.

I live again the memory,
that gift to us
that sets us free,
that hallows our humanity.

I say Amen,
a small Amen,
a simple sound,
but heaven hears
and joy abounds!

Abounds as angles
catch the sound
and fling it down
and round and round.
A grand Amen reverberates
through all the halls
of truth and time.

Amens in every creed and clime.
Amens of faith and hope and trust.
Amens that cry "I can; I must!"
A glorious cacophony!
Treetops catch the rhapsody!

And no one hears.
No one knows.
Peace enters in,
so slow, so slow,
He's fed my soul.
He lives in me.
I say Amen
and let it be.

by Colleen Gordon

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